Face Mist Is The New Toner? 101 Guide To Face Mist and The Many Functions

Anna Shamsul

Posted on October 19 2018

Some people (if not most) overlook the existence of a face mist. Some may also feel that a face mist is not much of important. Because most of the time, everyone just thought face mist is simply made up of water and often, many will go after much more "heavily benefit" products such as creams, lotions, serums or masks. 

The truth is, a face mist actually hides much more benefits that you knew! You never knew you needed it until you give it a try. We will be sharing with you some of the benefits that a face mist can give :
  • Face mist can refresh your skin.
    This is the most well known benefits of a face mist. It gives you an instant cooling and fresh sensation for your skin. You might be wondering, "can I spritz face mist on a hot day? Will it results my skin in pityriasis versicolor?". Just a quick translation, pityriasis versicolor is also known as "panau" here in Malaysia. The answer to this is, find a face mist formula that will not give you pityriasis versicolor. One example of a face mist that will not cause this is ADANIA Rose Divine Face Mist.

  • Hydrate your skin on the go and help seal your skin with added moisture with a face mist.
    Ingredients such as Glycerin, will keep dry skin feeling moist-dewy and spraying them again and again throughout the day will not mess up your make-up, unlike a moisturizer. If you have dry skin, a face mist is your best companion yet. Just spray, and you're good to go. Spray after you cleanse your face, before applying your foundation or after applying your foundation.

  • Face mist primes your skin for make-up.
    Your foundation and concealer can make your skin dry. Prepping your skin with a spritz of face mist before applying your foundation can take your whole make-up experience to another level. Skin feels a lot smoother and you will feel your foundation glides and blends smoother and easily too! Resulting in almost flawless make-up experience.

  • Your make-up will blends and adheres much better when you spritz on a face mist.
    We love this technique : if you have your make-up sponge for foundation/concealer application, just dampen up your make-up sponge a little bit with some spritz of face mist and then start blending your foundation as usual. You'll be amazed on how much better your make-up will blend and adhere to your face throughout the day. 

  • Have oily skin? Control your natural oil production with face mist.
    Face mist isn't only for individuals with dry skin. Those with oily skin also benefits as much as those with dry skin, with the help of a face mist. The key is to find a formula that suits your oily skin type. We are loving the ADANIA Rose Divine Face Mist because it feels amazing on any skin type. It is simply versatile that everyone can wear it. That's an extra brownie points from us!

  • Applying face mist before your moisturizer / face oil / serum will help boost the absorption!
    Have you ever read, watched or heard about how you should apply your body lotion right after shower? Well, there is actually an explanation to this. Damp skin can be considered as a sponge. Your skin quickly absorbs any products when it is damp. Hence, it also explains the functions of applying a toner before moisturizer. ADANIA Rose Divine Face Mist is the more natural and organic replacement for your usual-sting toner. 

  • Face mist can be used to dilute other skincare products.
    If you have a clay mask, you can actually mix some of your face mist with the clay mask powder to form a paste. Try on ADANIA range of Australian Clay Mask/Healing Mask and mix them with ADANIA Rose Divine Face Mist for a more added benefits.

  • Last but not least! A face mist is the new version of your skin-stinging toner! But without the skin-stinging sensation.
    Few years back, we may not see this trend. But lately, if you went to Sephora, or even your local drugstore such as Watson or Guardian, you can easily find and spot a face mist on the rack. We kid you not! It was rather very hard to find a face mist back then. Not just any brand produce/carries one. It was almost like looking for a mice among the sea of cats.. If you have the choice of a face mist and the usual toner, may we suggest you a face mist instead. The usual toner still feels rather stinging on our skin and besides that, requires us to purchase cotton balls/pads as well. With a face mist, no cotton balls/pads is required. Just spray and let it sit.     
Come rain, snow or shine, a face mist is your best companion
Spritz anytime and anywhere. ADANIA Rose Divine Face Mist is also suitable for sensitive skin 
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