Facts You Need To Know About Petrochemicals, Silicone, Wax and How It's Related With Hair Stiffness & Natural-Organic Shampoo

Anna Shamsul

Posted on October 23 2018


First thing first, we would like to inform you, need not to worry! You're not alone in this. Many have experience such not-so-nice condition when they first transitioning to natural-organic shampoo. Before jumping to conclusion that natural-organic shampoo is bad and does not work for you because you were not expecting the results, do read on..

Why does hair feel smooth, satin-like and silky when you use commercial shampoo? It all goes back to the ingredients. Have you checked and tried to read the ingredients at their labels? Yes they were long and hard to pronounce. Even more, you did not know what it means. Do note that even plants and fruits does have a hard to pronounce scientific names. But in natural-organic branding/industry, one must also clarify the commercial names of the plant and fruit as well. So besides getting just scientific names, you will also get the commercial names.


For example : cocos nucifera (virgin coconut oil).


You'll get the scientific name and also the day-to-day name we use/know everyday. But what about the ones that does not have the day-to-day names you are familiar with? Then be wary. You may either hit the internet search engine first just to know what's it all about in general or, you may also inquire the brand directly itself. Harsh/harmful chemicals usually goes under hard to pronounce and shady names. 

One important note is that commercial shampoo has petrochemicals. Or also known as in petroleum. Petrochemicals are derived from petroleum. In a rougher sense and tone, yes, those liquid you use to fill up your cars and other vehicles to get it moving-working. Every time you wash your hair with the shampoo, you are coating your hair with petrochemicals. It also seeps some into your skin and goes straight into the drain-water system.

So why does most commercialized shampoo contains petrochemicals? It coats every strand of your hair in order to give you that soft, smooth and manageable hair. Besides petrochemicals, you should also worry about the silicone-based ingredients. The function is the same. To coat your hair and give you the soft and satin smooth feeling. These acts like a wrap for your hair strands and sealing the dirt, toxins and impurities trapped inside (and also oxygen). The silicone and waxes are also causing impurities to build up trapped inside the hair follicle.


"So how does natural-organic shampoo help your hair
and how stiff hair has to do in any of these?"


Natural-organic shampoo does not contain any petrochemicals, silicone, wax, artificial preservatives such as Parabens and foaming agents like sulfates (SLS/SLES). 

When you first transition to natural-organic shampoo, you may feel uneasy with your hair. Hair might feel stiff, dry, with some hair fall. Since your hair were used to all of the artificial chemicals that coats your hair, natural-organic shampoo will cleanse off these chemicals, along with the oil, dirt and impurities inside of your hair follicles. It also depends on how many chemical products you used previously, the condition of your hair (whether it is colored, permed, re-bonded etc). 

The key is consistency and patience. If you are really serious about transitioning to natural-organic shampoo and hoping to see the desired results and healthy hair, be consistent. We know some individuals feels quite burdened with unmanageable hair and then seek for other products just to get their hair feel soft and smooth again, or worse, alternating commercialized shampoo with natural-organic ones. If you do this, it all will be back to where you first started. And it will be a never ending cycle.

When natural-organic shampoo cleanses your hair, it will unclog all the dirt and oils, along with the artificial chemicals clogged and this can cause your hair to feel "stiff" or "dry" after a wash (or a few washes). However, this won't last forever. It only happens because your hair is being "purified" and cleanse correctly. Plus, since natural-organic shampoo does not contain ingredients that coats your hair to make it feel soft and smooth, that is why you feel it is drier than usual. 


"But what about the hair fall? My hair seems
to shed more when I use natural-organic shampoo"

Studies and researches worldwide agrees that a normal person loses about 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. The ones you comb through and found them around your comb is what you noticed. But when you are sleeping, walking etc, are the ones that you don't notice. But if you do notice your hair loses more than that, then you may have an underlying health condition that you may want to check with your nearest doctor. 

As we have mentioned earlier, shampoos that contains petrochemicals, wax and silicone will clog your hair follicles. Some of your hair might just still "standing strong" because of these chemicals. When you start using natural-organic shampoo, the good ingredients inside of the shampoo will wipe out any weaker hair follicles that stuck along with the silicone, wax etc, making way for new hair to grow instead. 


"How long till I see a noticeable results-change as I desired for my hair?"


It is a subjective matter as it depends on individuals hair conditions. Some of ADANIA Peppermint Crush Treatment Shampoo user has mentioned that it took them about two months of usage until they notice positive improvement to their hair and scalp. However, the period of where you'll see a noticeable results varies. Hair becomes much more manageable and strong after a certain period (which varies according individuals).


"My hair feels oilier and heavier than normal when I use
natural-organic shampoo. Natural-organic shampoo
also don't lather up much like normal shampoo"


We have a tips for you. If your hair feel oilier and heavier than normal, make sure you rinse your hair well and thoroughly because any residual shampoo can make your hair feel heavier. Since natural-organic shampoo does not have foaming agents such as SLS/SLES, try adding a little water after you've started applying your natural-organic shampoo, so that it can help create a lather. The slight lather/bubbles you see mostly comes from the plant oil uses in natural-organic shampoo. 

Conclusion : The road to a more healthy mind and body can be quite challenging at times (or most of the times). Since we are so used to the norms and we actually lives surrounding what is considered as "normal". But it is not impossible. With a little perseverance, patience and strong will, once a small steps, will become bigger in the future. We would love to say that natural-organic products is for everyone and not limited to certain individuals, age, race or despite any differences.