ADANIA Beauty Camp (4 & 5 August 2018) at Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya, Pahang.

Anna Shamsul

Posted on October 30 2018

4th and 5th August 2018 marks a special and memorable dates for us and ADANIA Beauty Camp participants.

It was a much needed escape from busy city life. Our Beauty Camp location? Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya which located in Bentong (but more like a border to Raub). To some, they might be familiar with the place. But also to some of us, we actually never knew such beautiful paradise existed in Bentong-Raub! We were in awe! We'll just sum it up in a few sections for your reading pleasure. Do read on to know how the journey was from beginning till end. Oh, before our journey even starts, we heard that once we arrived to Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya, there will be trucks/4wd ready to pick us up to the "exact" location. We were quite anxious, thinking and wondering, is it too deep in the forest?

The Morning Getting To The Location

Ahhh...waking up in the mornings.... can be dreaded for some :p 
Not really a morning person by choice but the spirit and adrenaline of nature within us were all excited and pumped up. So we forgotten how many hours we actually slept the previous night plus the last minute shoving up a few more pieces of clothes because we were afraid what if we didn't bring enough. The staffs at ADANIA HQ needed to arrive early than the participants (participants will arrive circa 11 am). 

To be honest, we have never been to the location. We did saw one Tanah Aina exactly beside the highway but never knew there are actually a few Tanah Aina in Pahang. Our journey starts from KL to Karak Highway and exit to Bentong. From Bentong city, it takes about 30 minutes to arrive at Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya. We were instructed to enter the parking lot to park our vehicles there and little did we expect, the way to the parking lot was quite "bumpy" with kind of "off road" trails. But it was fun!

Upon Arrival and Getting Into The Truck
Once we have arrived, we waited for others to arrive as well. One of the staff needed to stay at the parking lot while the other on need to go up first to check out the place-chalet before other participants arrives. We went into the truck provided by Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya to get to the chalet a.k.a the final exact destination. It is about 15 minutes something journey, climbing through the hills and rocky roads. Our left and right are filled with trees and greens. We bet it's quite dark during the night, since there was about two or three road lamps only along the way. But this was an amazing experience. Having to sit at the back of the big truck together with a few others. You might be wondering, their trucks are actually comfortable to sit, as they built in wooden seats, along with the green grass carpet underneath our feet. 

The view at the back of the truck


We stayed in a dorm that had single and double deckered beds. The moment we set our eyes on the chalets that hosted a few dorms itself, we were stunned! The view was magnificent and the environment was super clean and neat. It honestly feel dreamy and traditional. Feels like the kampung house but with a more luxury feel and modern touch at the same time. 


There were lots of fishes in the river

One of the dorm that we stayed in. Residents are advise to keep their door close at all times to avoid any unwanted insects getting inside of the dorm. Since it is quite in the middle of the jungle, the insects well urmm quite big I can tell you. Well, we never actually spotted one. But used to live in a jungle once, we can conclude that the bugs are big (and noisy).

Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast Anyone?
Sorry that we didn't take any photos of our food :p 
Probably because we were too hungry and the food tastes very amazing. We kid you not. They were quite generous with the food and there are quite a variety that you can choose from. Nonetheless, everything tastes great. There were also fried durian on which they fried them on the spot. We were not left hungry and the drinks are free flow. You can get your plain water, coffee, milk coffee, tea, milk tea and teh misai kucing anytime. Except that you need to eat and drink at the designated eating hall, to avoid ants/roaches creeping up on the beds, furniture etc. Eating hall has a decent view as well. Our eyes were filled with joyous scenery of a river. Haha.

Activity Starts Here! 
Our first activity after lunch was to rest. Hehe. We unpack our stuffs, took a shower, lie down a bit and then we were getting ready for our river trekking. We are required-advise to wear rubber based shoes because it might get slippery (PS : After we're done with the river trekking, only then we know how important it is to wear rubber shoes). The important note, rubber shoes are your best friend here. Since there are also some water splashing action, rubber shoes dries off very easily and it's comfy for the feet as well. We'll just leave some pictures here.

A group photo before our river trekking journey starts

 Went up looking all fab in the beginning

Unsure if this is the right thing :P
Only a few minutes way up and kinda already panting

The first obstacle. Getting your ankles, knees and shoes wet

Ahhh this looks fun

 Arriving at the location of the waterfall. There was Leap Of Faith, where you'll jump down from 1 storey height into the river. It is optional. If you want to try em' then go ahead. But if you don't want to try em', that's fine as well. You might be wondering how deep it is there. It is about 7 meters deep underneath and hence you are required to wear a life jacket as safety precaution. We also learned few new tips on how you can jump safely from a height and into the water without any aches or pain. Just make sure you keep your legs straight and feet first into the water during the jump. Shall your thighs or buttocks hits the water first, your fats may cry later 

On the way back, we choose to go back through the river trail

The river trekking made us learnt something. It made us realize how important it is to keep our nature surroundings safe. The air was fresh and cool. It also taught us on friendship and helping each other. After the river trekking, it was just in time for the evening tea. It was a refreshing take after the tiring hike earlier on. We cool off ourselves with some refreshments provided by Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya (which includes the fried durian). After our evening tea, we cleaned ourselves and get some rest before night comes. Another activity awaits us at night.

Before our night activity starts, we had our dinner. Dinner was all about barbecue @ western food. Again, another compliment for the food! We had some grilled lamb, beef, chicken, squids, salads a few other more.

Our night was filled with special beauty talk by our founder (Ms. Ain Nadya) and Mizz Nina, with some little fun activities to keep us occupied. It was quite an intimate night for us participants as we get to know more what actually goes behind the scenes of the beauty industry. 

Besides getting up close and personal regarding beauty scenes industry, our beauty campers also shares their experiences and passion for the beauty industry, their hopes and dreams. It was more to leveling up one's confidence and self-esteem kind of night. We exchange stories with one and another


The Next Morning
Morning starts at 7.00 am. Some participants went for the morning walk along with Tanah Aina staffs. We also had our breakfast during these time. Breakfast has a choice of western and Asian food. There were cereals, salads, fresh fruits, nasi lemak and a few more things. 

First morning activity is the DIY Beauty Session. Participants are required to create their own beauty concoctions based on ADANIA products given along with some other raw materials as well (grapeseed oil, Himalayan pink salt, coffee, yogurt, lemon etc).

Participants are divided into a few groups and they need to work together in coming up with one or more beauty items. Each group then required to present their beauty items(s) at the front. The best women wins! :D

Explaining some things to the fellow judges before the mixing party starts. Judges are looking very serious. Yes, beauty is a serious matter ;) 



Mixing and trying out the finished products

Each group are named after flower names, such as Ylang Ylang

The DIY beauty items are presented at the front upon completion. The most creative and presentable DIY beauty items wins :)

Next up is building a tower using recycled materials. The tallest towers (and still in tact) wins. Everyone needed to line up first before able to grab as much as recycled boxes and bottles for their tower. Again, everyone is divided into groups. The key is to work in a team. 

Beauty campers are required to build up a tower using the
recycled materials that we bought along

Getting ready to grab and take the recycled materials as much as they can

 Group with the tallest tower wins!
Only cello-tape and scissor are allowed to use


Discussing the strategies on how to build a tall
tower out of recycled boxes and bottles



Ending & Conclusions
ADANIA Beauty Camp 2018 was a success. An awe-inspiring and up close event which everyone get to know each other and enjoy each other company, despite being a complete stranger. The ambiance was excellent, calming and rejuvenating. The food also plays an important role :p

It is a definite choice for a fun and relaxing getaway, away from the hustle of the city. It was also an emotional moment during the last day as everyone of us need to part ways and back to our usual routine. Till next time, be sure to stay tuned and keep yourself updated with our official Instagram account for any upcoming events or activities!