Anna Shamsul

Posted on July 24 2018

Our Malaysian market has always demanded skin brightening and whitening products. With a growing number of skin brightening and whitening products in the Malaysian market these days, consumers are spoilt for choices. It is safe to say that most of the skin brightening products available locally contain the ingredient(s) which fasten the results. This is true. Whenever we purchased a certain product, we wish it to work wonderfully within a short period of time. Don't we all? The faster the results, the higher demand it is for the products.

However, bear in mind that the most notorious ingredients that makes up brightening and whitening products works within a short span of time is made up of highly harmful chemicals such as mercury and hydroquinone. Researchers worldwide have made it clear that these harmful chemicals can alter the system inside of our body and very much able to affect our internal organs in ways we could have never imagined.

The natural and organic label can produce skin brightening products. But the tedious process and the specific natural/organic ingredients required usually cost so much and the end product might still not be consumers' first choice. All because of the high price or the slow results. So, can natural and organic skincare label still produce skin brightening products? The answer is yes. But the risks of not having the products to be accepted widely made natural and organic skincare companies think twice about producing natural & organic skin brightening remedies.

But someone gotta do it, somehow. It may be hard to get our hands on natural & organic skin brightening products here in the Malaysian market. But it is not possible. That is why ADANIA has come up with its latest serum, called ADANIA Dreamy Dazzle, which focuses on the skin brightening.

How do we define "skin brightening"? Believe it or not, our skin actually turns grey and much darker as we age. This has to do with the level and amount of melanins that increases over time, especially if you are one who loves (or secretly hate it, but had to) to spend your days under the sun. Aside than that, what we eat and drink, also affect our skin. Pigmentation (dark spots/freckles) can cause our skin to look darker. And so does food or drink that does much damage than the good. For example, alcohol consumption.   

Our definition of bright is when one face is glowing radiantly. ADANIA Dreamy Dazzle skin brightening serum may not wholly change your skin tone overnight, drastically, but with consistent use over time, your skin will reflect the radiance it should have reflected a long time ago. 

Stay tuned for our more elaborated post regarding ADANIA Dreamy Dazzle skin brightening serum :)