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Natural, Organic And Clean. What Does It All Mean?

by Anna Shamsul |

Each has different meanings. Often being used regularly and can be seen almost everywhere now, it seems as if every brand is now promoting natural, organic or clean ingredients in their range. Get to know each of these words below :

What Does Natural Mean?

This word is not strictly or properly regulated. Meaning, there is no body/authority that manages to review a certain brand claiming their product as “natural”. This means, even if the product is artificially (and possibly harmful) filled, they still can label themselves as “natural”. It is why it is also important that you need to read the product labels. Read the ingredients & get to know the ingredients. Natural can be defined as not having synthetically made-processed ingredients

What Does Clean Mean?

The word clean is not strictly and properly regulated either. Commonly used for products that does not use toxin ingredients & are usually free from sulphates & parabens 

What Does Organic Mean?

The term organic is strictly regulated by the authorized bodies that determine whether an ingredient is organic or not. Organic can be defined as an ingredient that is planted-nurtured & processed organically without having to use artificial chemicals-components. Among the examples of certified bodies are USDA, ECOCERT & COSMOS. Unlike natural & clean, ingredients that are truly considered as organic needs to be certified as organic first before they can use this term. If a brand uses the term organic for their product, you can ask the brand if they have the certification of organic for their ingredients.

However, keep in mind that skincare products don't need to have 100% organic ingredients to be labelled as organic. Our products have a special stamping to indicate how many percent of organic ingredients you are getting!    

Photo by Jennifer Chen on Unsplash