Anna Shamsul

Posted on July 24 2018

You must have heard these terms if you have been following us on Instagram, "made with plant-based", "made with botanicals extract", "vegan" and "derived from nature". But what do these terms actually mean? Basically, it has the same meaning. It means your product contains natural, plant-based, derived and plucked right from nature and safe to use for the majority of everyone. We list down to what actually goes behind your ADANIA products.


Essential Oils
Many have heard about essential oils at some stage of their life. But many are still left in the unknown when it comes to how much of the amount needed and whether it is safe to use for everyone? 

With so many articles readily available on the net, people are getting more and more conscious about almost everything. Almost everything can be read through the net. Our advice, do not believe in everything that you see and read on the net. Many are still doubting on whether essentials oils are safe to use. The truth is, essential oils are safe to use, as long as you use a certain amount and dilute them first (which is compulsory!) and not use the essential oil directly onto your skin. The essential oils we are using in our products has been diluted with carrier oils, measured and tested, gone through a QC before they are made it into the products and ready to use.

Carrier Oils

So what is the difference between Essential Oils and Carrier Oils? We gave you an insight what is a carrier oil. An example of carrier oil is coconut oil. Carrier oils are less dense and not as highly concentrated as essential oils. It is used to dilute essential oils. 


Aqua is actually water under a fancier name. 


Is glycerin actually a bad thing? It actually depends on the source of glycerin! It can be divided into two. Whether it comes from petroleum or from plant origins. Since we are running on a natural and organic label, we prefer to obtain our glycerin from plant origins.

Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender)
Lavender had been used since ancient times. Usage varies from anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, fragrance etc. The real lavender bushes consist a lot of bees swarming around! We jump into the lavender bushes just to provide you the lavender (without the bees).

Citrus sinensis (Sweet Orange)
High in Vitamin C, the orange is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory which can help to reduce acne apart from helping to help the healing process of the skin.

How natural is natural? And how organic is considered as organic? USDA has set a standard on which ingredients in a certain product needs to have at least 95% of natural/organic origins in order to be labeled as natural/organic.