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by Anna Shamsul •

Packaging Recycle-Repurpose Ideas : Under The Sea Antioxidant Glow Face Mask

When you are left with an empty jar of our Under The Sea Antioxidant Glow Face Mask, what will you do? 🤔 We're gonna say order another one, since you'll be needing it for another weekend sesh of self-care masking 😬But really, what to do with the completely empty bottle? Should you just discard it and throw it away? No, please don't 😢Did you know that you can recycle the glass container? Bring the glass jar to your nearest recycle bin or recycle box (yes there are automated recycle box machine placed in certain malls now which when you recycle something, they give you a special token in exchange of the recyclables) Aside than recycling it, you can also repurpose the glass container in some unique and creative ways which you may not even realized. Check out some of our takes on how you can repurpose the glass jar from our Under The Sea Antioxidant Glow Face Mask :   Idea 1 : Make a DIY candle & place it in the glass jar or use it as a candle holder Make a DIY candle at home or if you have a favorite candle, use the glass jar as a candle holder   Idea 2 : A place to store & place your dried herbs, spices, toothbrushes or other small trinkets around the house   Instead of purchasing other new containers just to store your dried spices/herbs, why not repurpose our Under The Sea Antioxidant Glow Face Mask glass jar and make your kitchen cabinets looks aesthetically pleasing at the same time? You can also label the glass jar yourself accordingly    Idea 3 : A place to contain your beverages   Put your favorite juice, slushies or just plain water and turn it into a drinking glass. It's also a fun idea to use it the next time friends, neighbors or families came to visit   At the end of the day, please do remember that any effort you make when it comes to recycling or repurposing, no matter how small or big is your step, it is still considered as a progress and as an effort. Don't let others discouraged you by saying how a certain way or method are just not working or will never work 💪     “Kindness is a mark of faith, whoever is not; has no faith” — Prophet MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H)