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3 Simple Tips For A Powerful & Glowing Monday!

by Anna Shamsul |

In need of a quick & simple tips to get yourself ready for a powerful & glowing Monday?
Check these tips out :

✨ Tips 1 : Plan ahead of time what to do on Monday before the actual Monday comes. If planning a week of schedule ahead might seem overwhelming for you, try planning for Monday only. For example, have your Monday tasks already listed out on Friday. So you'll be ready to face your Monday.  

✨ Tips 2 : Set a certain time either on Friday night, Saturday or Sunday to declutter your room or home. Do your laundry, get those bedsheets washed or your work outfits ironed. Clutter can affect our anxiety levels, sleep, and ability to focus.

✨ Tips 3 : Set a time over the weekend to pamper your skin with a face scrub & face mask session. This helps to prep for a fresher skin and complexion. Try out Adania & Co Seriously Glow Kit. This kit contains Egyptian Secret Handmade Organic Exfoliating Face Loofah (as face scrub) and Under The Sea Antioxidant Glow Face Mask (as mask).

We hoped these 3 quick tips will help you tackle your Monday ahead!