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A Visit To Nature. Adania & Co Team with Friends Of Sg Klang Taman Melawati River Three (TMR3)

by Anna Shamsul |

On 14th January 2022 (Friday) ; 10.00 am, Adania & Co team (Sofwah, Allis & Anna) sets out to Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur for a special meet up and walkabout with Friends Of Sg Klang Taman Melawati River Three team. Or also known as TMR3 for short. The TMR3 team are Kennedy, Syuen & Donna.

We went to this hidden gem full with nature's secrets, a special garden, which we never knew the existence of. The place looks like a normal rather small your usual next door park if one passes by the road next to it and could have disregard it as another normal park that sat next to rows of bungalow houses next to it.

Prior to our visit, we were advised to wear long sleeves shirts & pants, along with a sun hat. We were also advise to bring our own insect repellent for us to apply on our pants or shoes. Upon a few minutes into the place, now we understand why we were advised to do so 😁

As how an usual forest would be, there were mosquitoes & insects all around. We were also lucky that the TMR3 team burnt some of the egg trays along the way as the smokes that comes out of the burnt egg trays wards off the mosquitoes.

Along the park is also a small river which on an usual sunny day, it runs along peacefully with a glimpse of a group of tiny fishes. But if heavy rains come down pouring, the river can be a rather scary sight with some flood going on.

We were quite lucky that day to catch a glimpse of a princess that resides the river. And literally her name is Princess. The TMR3 team told us that there is a tortoise friend that likes to sun bathe herself on the rocks in the middle of the river. But Princess must have been rather shy as she immediately ducks down from being seen and disappears mysteriously in the river flow.

Every now & then, there were also unique species of colorful birds that fly through the area and resting on the tree branch in the garden. There were also sightings of rare birds at night as informed by TMR3 team. There has been attempt to snap a photo & to record the video of the rare birds, but since it was pitch black at night and they were no National Geographic team equipped with proper night cams, it was rather hard & impossible to catch a crisp clear photo or to record the sightings, all while without disturbing the birds.

TMR3 has worked on the garden for years as of date. Once used to be a place where people dumps their trash and a place where no man can walk on as there were bushes all around, now becomes a place where anyone can walk through and a more defined river and riverbeds (the river used to be a lot smaller than now that it almost non-existent).

TMR3 objectives are :

  • To keep the river ecosystem healthy & intact 
  • Inviting the pollinator friends to come to the area. And when we say pollinator friends, it is not only the bees. But also butterflies, beetles & birds. Many of us didn't know that these animals plays important roles enriching our planet with food resources. Without them, human are not able to survive as well. So we actually do need each other 
  • To create awareness to everyone as to not throw trash everywhere. The garden area sit next to the schools. Creating a responsible individual starts from a young age. 


After immersing ourselves in the nature within the few hours, here are the lessons that we learn

  • Not all trees and plants are suited to a certain ecosystem. For example, coconut tree is not a native tree for the river. Let alone for a public park. It can be rather hazardous for walkers passing by as the tall coconut tree produces coconuts which fell down on the ground can hit the people below
  • Certain fishes are also actually not suitable for the ecosystem in Malaysia. For example, tilapia. They are quite aggressive in nature and attack-eats native fishes & aquatic life in the same water. When native aquatic life decreases, the original ecosystem of the river changes as well
  • Fishes in the river will find a shady part of the river that has a type of fig tree (or in Malay we called it as Pokok Ara) nearby to lay their eggs. It is why having trees along the rivers are important. Not only it provides the fishes for a safe place to lay their eggs, but the roots of the trees itself will keep the river intact and to avoid flash flood from occurring
  • Wild animals such as snakes usually will ran away immediately upon coming in contact with humans, unless if the animal feel threatened. They are not the type of animals looking for humans and usually just immediately disappears if happen in seeing one
  • It is possible in making a natural compose made up of dried leaves & branches instead of having to make an artificial one which usually made up of artificial chemicals that are most of the time unpleasant
  • While cutting up or harvesting plants or trees for our consumption or usage, there are proper techniques of doing it. Trees or plants that being cut up randomly can cause them to rot, die and never regrow naturally later on. For example, the bamboo trees. There are techniques of cutting it up properly as to not let them die later on. But not many realize and usually will just find another place or new spots instead. It is important for such knowledge to be spread around. Plus, in the digitalize era, it is not that hard for one to just search it on YouTube and learn. If we can use YouTube to search for songs & entertainment, why not look up for useful info as well?
  • A public park does not necessarily means that we can do or take whatever we want from the park. The same theory goes when we go into the jungle and forests, see what you must but never take anything or left anything behind (read : trash) except for just our footsteps
  • Reuse, reduce & recycle. Simple drink cans can be recycled into a place to grow out seeds      




At the end of our visit, the TMR3 team gave us flower seeds which comes from the dried flowers which we can regrow at home!

Spotting a white hibiscus in full bloom at the garden 😍


The explore ends at around 1.00 pm. It was a truly thoroughly enjoyable walkabout ❤

Adania & Co team are planning to create the same activity at the garden and for our followers and customers to experience the joy we felt during this trip. For any latest updates, do follow us on our Instagram page!