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Posted on July 27 2018

They say that your fragrance is your identity. Wear it like how you want to be perceived as. 

If you missed it, we have come up with a range of eco-friendly perfume, inspired by nature, for the nature loving individuals like you!

You probably think, ahhh... just another perfume. BUT before you think that this is just another perfume, by just another local seller, you better check out what we are going to reveal on our eco-friendly perfume!

Here is why our perfume is in a class of its own :

  • An original scent. Or some may call it niche. Crafted by our own in-house perfumer and Global Perfumer (Carefully crafted and chosen in Barcelona-Processed and polished in Geneva, Switzerland-Packaging and Maceration in Malaysia)
  • Inspired by the character of mother nature.
  • Made with beetroot based alcohol. Naturally occurring. Not synthetic a.k.a man made. 
  • Eco friendly packaging-cap made from real wood & is biodegradable.
  • Comes with new technology perfume pump tube.
  • NO colouring, parabens & phthalates.
  • 100% Vegetarian.
  • Cruelty-free (not tested on animals).
  • Precious and in limited batch.
  • Distribution in Malaysia-KSA-UAE.
  • Classy and unique with surprising blends.

So what is the story behind the name BAU? We chose the name BAU as it represent Malaysian language, meaning "scent". Since we are a Malaysian based company, we would like to insert some Malaysian uniqueness and identity to our perfume. Hence, we decided that BAU fits perfectly for the name as it is simple yet different.

Currently, our BAU is available in two different scents but each is suitable for unisex use. Both are Eau De Parfum (EDP), which makes it long lasting. The scents are :

  • Misty Fjord
  • Lost In The Desert


Both can be worn by men and women. However, we do receive the feedback that Misty Fjord smells a little sweeter than Lost In The Desert and it makes Misty Fjord a favorite among the women. While men prefer Lost In The Desert a lot more. 

Nonetheless, if you are unsure on how exactly these smells, you can always drop by to our outlets in Wangsa Maju, Metrojaya Midvalley and Metrojaya The Curve for a try out.

Some of you guys might also be wondering why do we put "eco-friendly" term for BAU. We know not everyone fancy perfume as some individuals are allergic to scents/perfume and dislike the strong smell most of the time.

But with BAU, we tried to come up with a fragrance that caters even for the sensitive of nose. Plus, the eco-friendly naturally occurring ingredients makes it less likely for any bad reactions to occur and it is much safer compares to synthetic ingredients.

So far, we have got a few thumbs up from a few individuals that does not like perfume. Which makes it a must-try for you :) 

Misty Fjord

How does it smell like?
Chypre - Ambery - Floral

Description : Dive into the fresh, sweet fruity and flowery niche elements of Turkish Rose, Magnolia Fleurs, Vanilla, Blackcurrant, Pink Pepper and Patchouli Heart.


Lost In The Desert 

How does it smell like? 
Oriental Woody 

Description : An oriental woody niche fragrance includes a unique mix of luxurious Saffron,Tonka Bean, Citrusy Bergamot Italy, Lavender Franch, Oakmoss and musky Patchouli Asia.








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