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Challenges & What To Expect On Your Journey Towards Healthy Living & Skincare

by Anna Shamsul |

The idea of practicing healthy eating, lifestyle and using plant based & organic skincare seems so ethereal and sounds very Miranda Kerr-esque to us mere mortals. The idea sounds enticing and truth to be told, many of us would love to adopt such healthy & happy habits into our lives. But the only thing that stops us is our will & confidence.

However, congrats to those who are already in this journey! 
Yes it is not impossible to practice healthy living. As they say it, a little goes a long way. No matter how small the effort or the steps you are taking, it still counts though! You deserves a pat on the back ❤

But the question is, will there be challenges along the journey? The answer would be yes. 

We list out some of the challenges & what to expect on your journey towards healthy living & skincare :

  • You feel alone on this journey as many people around you are not on the same page as you are. We highly suggest you to search up/look up to online support groups or communities that has the same mission and vision as you are. By this way, you get to stay motivated always
  • When a trending product is on hype and they are not plant based, environmental friendly or using too much artificial chemicals like colorings & fragrances. Everyone are using it. Even your besties or close family members
  • Standing out for a cause and not solely because of the hype. Yes, being healthy & using healthy skincare also has its hype. Don't be surprised that some people are also using it just because of the hype since they are the "in" thing at the moment
  • You feel left out by many commercialized trends & products. At the end of the day, it made you feel or questioned yourselves whether this is the best thing for you or if it is any good at all
  • Bad skin days happens even if you are using healthy skincare. So does illness too, no matter how good you are taking care of your food and watched what you ate. There is no shame in having any of those. It's normal as we are still human after all. However, it could be worse shall you stayed on your unhealthy ways of living and lifestyle 
  • You feel unpretty or uncool because of your sustainable living or healthy lifestyle. Perhaps your friends are having instant noodles feast in the office and you decides to opt out from the feast. This instantly puts you in a place that made you feel you are that uncool colleague due to your decision of not chomping down on instant noodles


In the end, you just need to remind yourself that your principles and what you believes in matters. Especially when it leads to healthier & happier version of you!