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Eco-friendly Face Scrub? What You Need To Know. Saves The Earth & Also Saves Your $$$

by Anna Shamsul |  | 4 comments

If you've browse through our website, you may find the Face Loofah. The oval-round shaped thing with a weird looking fibers like below 


PS : Kindly ignore the wooden brush :p

The weird oval-round shape thing is called the Face Loofah. Our Face Loofah is made up of 100% plant that is grown organically (without using pesticides & without using chemical-synthetic fertilizer). It is used to scrub the skin on your face (but we do have customers that uses it as body scrub. For body, do check out our Body Loofah while stock lasts. Body Loofah is much bigger than Face Loofah & it has special cloth handle to ensure that you can easily reach the hard-to-reach areas such as your back, so that it won't be left out during the scrubbing action!).


So, how to use the Face Loofah? Before you start using it immediately, STOP right there! A loofah needs to be soaked first in water so that the fibers softens up a bit. Because if you use it dry, your skin will feel the pain as if scrubbing with a broom stick, a floor brush and such you can imagine.. There has been cases where our customers has given us a feedback that the Face Loofah feels hard and rough, and skin feels quite painful while scrubbing with the loofah. If you feel painful while scrubbing with the loofah, there are only 4 reasons why :

1. You're doing it wrong by not soaking up the loofah in a bowl of water first. A loofah needs to be soaked in water for a few seconds (usually it takes less than a minute for a loofah to soften). Never ever scrub with a dry loofah.

2. You have soaked it in the water but you are scrubbing away too "strong" or too intense. Scrub slowly and gently. If you feel pain, don't put too much pressure while scrubbing.

3. You are scrubbing on the parts of your skin that has acne or any sort of inflammation. Scrubbing on acne is definitely painful. It is highly recommended to avoid scrubbing on any parts of your skin that has break out-acne or any inflammation (swells, wounds etc).  

4. You don't use the loofah with cleanser/soap bar. Using the loofah on its own without any cleanser or soap bar will make the loofah glides uneasily and skin may feel a little uncomfortable. When you team up with your cleanser/soap bar, the loofah glides on smoothly and easily during scrubbing. It creates less friction. Just think of it this way, you take a shower without using body wash/soaps. Or you're shampoo-ing your hair without a shampoo.. It gets the job done but somehow something is missing..



How it is eco-friendly?

Loofah is made up of a gourd-like plant called luffa. The plant is dried up under the sun and the insides will create the fibers that dries up. These fibers are the ones that is used in creating a loofah. The fibers is cleaned, sterilized and sewn together to make a Face Loofah just like the picture above. One loofah can be used up to 6 months. Imagine a face scrub that can be washed and used again and again.

Did you know that the usual face scrub that comes in a tube (which looks like cleansers) and has these tiny micro beads is actually made up of plastics? Yes, most of the conventional face scrub which you easily purchase from stores is made up of tiny plastics. Is plastic harmful to our environment? It can be. As we all know, plastic can take up to few hundred years to dissolve. When you take showers, cleanse your face etc, the waters go straight to the sea or rivers. Plastic micro beads can get into sea/river animals system. Fishes & turtles are among the animals living in our waters. Plastic micro beads isn't the only concerns for the environment. Other unknown chemically filled-synthetic ingredients may also do more harm than good & may also affect our mother nature in the long run.


Does using a loofah saves your $$$?

Imagine a RM26 face scrub that comes in a tube and RM15 ADANIA Face Loofah. Based from our experiences and experiment, a tube of face scrub usually lasts us within 1 month to 2 months and a half. At times, we try to minimize the amount as much as possible because we were scared that the face scrub will only last for 1 month or less! And hence resulting us in a not-so-clean-skin since we skimp on the quantity of the product. 

But it is the opposite for a Face Loofah. For one session of scrub, we were not afraid to skimp on anything as the loofah will not decrease in amount, no matter how many times of usage. A loofah can lasts up for 6 months. We recommend to dispose it after 6 months due to sanitation and hygiene purposes. Even if you change your Face Loofah every 3 months, the value and differences between a RM26 face scrub and RM15 Face Loofah still differs! Plus, you can use Face Loofah to scrub other parts of your body as well. Just ensure that you cleanse the loofah properly after using and hang it to dry afterwards.  


Skin sensitivity & loofah benefits

If your skin is sensitive and you are trying to reduce the chance of using too much chemically-synthetic filled products on your skin, then Face Loofah is the answer to your troubles. Our Face Loofah is 100% made of plant and do not have any coloring or fragrances to it. There are individuals that are sensitive and allergic to coloring and fragrance. 


The key to that pinkish glow and lively look on your skin is when you have good blood circulation around your skin. By scrubbing with Face Loofah, blood circulation is improved. When you use it consistently, acne scars and hyper pigmentation/sun spots can also be reduced and begone! 

So, have you change your mind to change to Face Loofah as your face scrub yet?