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How To Get Healthier Skin Naturally?

by Anna Shamsul |  | 4 comments

There’s really no point in having a proper skincare routine if you don’t put any effort in having a healthier lifestyle that can actually contribute to healthy skin that you yearn for.

These extra steps that you take will ensure the delay in any sign of skin problems and also natural aging. So here’s what you can do for your skin:

Protection from direct sunlight
Yes getting that Vitamin D is good for your skin but overexposure from sunlight can really irritate your skin. From wrinkles and age spots to risk of skin cancer, proper protection from the sun is vital for your skin.

Sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 is a must have item in your bag. Try not to expose yourself to the sun too much and look for any shady area to avoid direct exposure. And wear protective clothing when you know that the sun is gonna be quite harsh during the day.

Just don’t smoke
On top of saving money from not smoking, it can also help you save your skin from early signs of aging. Your blood vessels in the outermost layer of the skin gets narrower due to smoking which can result in decrease in blood flow.

Smoking also results in the damage of collagen and elastin which helps give your skin strength and elasticity.

Pay extra attention to your skin
Excessive shaving and cleansing can also affect your skin condition and some of the things you could do to be more gentle with your skin are:

- Reduce usage of hot water (due to its oil removing effect)
- Use mild cleansers instead of harsh and strong ones
- Leave the water on your skin to air dry for that extra moisture
- Use suitable moisturizer that provides what your skin needs

Practice a healthy diet
This may sound cliche but honestly though, eating properly can also help you keep your skin healthy on top of all the other physical benefits that you get. Lean proteins, whole grains, vegetables and fruits are the things you need to fill your diet with. And let’s not forget, stay hydrated by drinking enough water!

Control stress
Unmanaged stress can lead to sensitive skin and trigger unwanted breakouts. A healthy mind will lead to a healthy skin. Know your limits so you can get enough rest and equip yourself mentally to face any problem in a much healthier way.


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