Anna Shamsul

Posted on October 09 2018

Have you seen this quote?


"Give a woman the right kind of lipstick and she will conquer the world"


This quote can be seen in almost every form! Give the woman the perfect type of shoes, the perfect pair of jeans, and the list goes on and on. Basically, us woman will (and might) conquer the world, given any types of shoes, clothing, bag, lipstick etc in our perfect fit of course! Yes we women just loves all things nice and pretty and flattering on us.   

The same goes with our personal care and grooming, such as lip care. A basic stick of hard gooey colored thing which we put onto our lips in hoping it will make us look 10 times (or at least 1 time) enhanced or better. So what exactly is this stick made up of hard gooey colored and non-colored thing we put onto our lips?

There are so many names for it actually. But trust us, none of it is the same. A guy might take a look at one lipstick and see it in red color. But us women has a name for every red colored lipstick there is! :p
There is stiletto red, orange red, blood red, you name it. Not all red lipstick are the same..

Just like when you see ADANIA Lip Conditioner. At a glance, many would think oh is this just another lip product there is in the local market? Is this just like another lip balm? 

Before you answer these questions in your head, let us take a swift journey behind the history of ADANIA Lip Conditioner. As we have mentioned before in our previous blog post, not long ago, ADANIA have come up with lip care range. A lip balm to be precise. These are a definite sold out every single time :(

Because it is made up of natural and organic ingredients. Many loved it. Even those experiencing very sensitive lips benefits from our lip balm. But then after a while, we stopped producing them. And here we are again, the most wanted lip care are now back and better than ever! 

A whole new formula, a whole new packaging and a whole new colors and flavors. Plus, from 4 October till 11 October 2018 only, when you purchase all 4 colors-flavors, you'll only need to pay RM140 instead of having to pay the normal price of all 4. And what's more exciting, you will receive a FREE Travel Pouch.

 Totally need to get em' before the promotion ends after 11 October 2018!






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