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The Ultimate Way To Flawless Skin - The Organic Way

by Curly Jow |

Having a flawless skin is not an overnight success. It takes time and patience before one gets the results. But with Adania & Co, we can help you just within 45 days. 

We know that many of you have been trying out so many products but it seems like nothing has changed. With Adania & Co, we care about your skin concerns, hence our products are all plant based, 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free and safe for your skin. 

One of our visions is to make sure our loyal customers are practicing healthy and safe skin care routines. We come up with one special campaign called #Adania45DaysChallenge where we are looking for three lucky loyal customers to help them combat their skin problems. The best part is, it is totally on us!

We just launched this campaign on our official Instagram - Go check it out and we encourage you to join the campaign and who knows, you might be the lucky winner we are looking for.


  1. Follow on Instagram.
  2. Like and comment on three pictures of our #Adania45DaysChallenge campaign posting.
  3. Tell us your skin concern and why Adania & Co is the best solution for your skin problems.
  4. These 3 lucky loyal customers will have to document the journey of 45 days using Adania & Co products from  day one to 45. 
  5. They also need to send pictures and a video of the updates every five days.
  6. We will send you the best kit set according to your skin concerns. 

This campaign is open to everyone and we hope this will help you in getting a flawless skin. All the best!

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