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Top 5 Organic Skincare Misconception.

by Adania Co |

Consumers are misinformed on organic skincare due to the common preconceived idea or misconceptions they often heard. Some are purely based on assumptions because they never had a chance of experiencing and using plant-based skincare. These are a few often questionable things when it comes to organic skincare products.

1. Organic skincare is expensive.
Price is the top reason users skeptical about changing to an organic product. The organic product is slightly costly because pure quality ingredients are made from a certain formulation that cost more in comparison to commercial drugstore product. We know that a healthier lifestyle comes with a price and it is worth every amount that you are investing in. Take this with you: “The best investment is to invest in yourself”

2. DIY home remedy is better than organic product skincare.
Well, natural home remedy is good, but there is not many natural DIY can do with your skin. It does not have the same offering as the finished product does. In other words, time-consuming, limited, and short term. Besides, with a variety of farming methods that existed today, nobody could tell whether, your “safe” home remedy ingredients are completely free from pesticide. We recommend using one bottle of Adania of Face Oil yourself to realize how advanced organic skincare is.

3. Product with ‘organic’ label are 100% natural.
Some product in the market uses the tagline "organic" as their marketing gimmick. Consumer falls into them believing it’s natural since it cost cheaper. But, the reality, those products are saturated with fake organic ingredients and nasty pesticides. Not all the proclaimed organic brands willing to invest and wait. This is because to be a fully organic brand, they must undergo a thorough certification process which may take longer. The farming method also requires time to fully develop and monitored. At Adania, we are guaranteed to use only ethically sourced ingredients from only certified suppliers.

4. Product need preservatives to maintain on shelf
Depending on products based and ingredient, some brand does use preservatives to maintain their product shelf life. But here in Adania we emphasize on storing the product at a good temperature and surrounding to keep it well maintained. As our product doesn’t contain any preservatives that keep the bacteria at bay.

5. Natural skincare products are not as effective.
Some users have built their trust over chemical ingredients. Claiming that it must contain some strong properties for it to repair skin. While not believing that mother nature is powerful, and does work like magic. A natural product is packed up with nutrients, healing properties, vitamins, antioxidants, and antifungal because each ingredient is carefully selected to treat skin problems using the right formulation. Adania has received countless positive feedback after a couple of uses. Their skin is now more hydrated, youthful, and healthier. Now, that’s the power from the plant. Most importantly, they are no longer trapped into using fake organic products.

We have just debunked the myth for you so you can make the right decision for your skin. Let’s unlearn those misconceptions. It is safe to say there is no question about organic skincare, and it does work. Perhaps now is the time to embrace the organic revolution and overhaul your skincare routine?