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What Causes Whiteheads And How To Get Rid Of Them?

by Anna Shamsul |

Before you jump into the wagon of trying to know how to get rid of whiteheads, get to know first what exactly is whiteheads & why are they appearing on your skin?


Here is a more simpler overall picture on what exactly is whiteheads :
Dead skin cells + sebum (oil) + dirt + possibly bacteria as well = Whiteheads


A combination of these 4 and your skin will be forming this thing called whiteheads. You either get to see it visibly on your skin (in the form of tiny micro bumps & when you run your fingers on your skin, you’ll get to feel it) or you will only get to see it once you squeeze-pinch your skin between your fingers (and gooey white thing comes out of your skin). By now, you have probably seen it all through countless YouTube videos on squeezing & popping up whiteheads.


The question is, is this a problem?
Yes, if your whiteheads lead to acne-your skin breaking out.

However, whiteheads are a common skin concern for everyone. It is actually normal and common to experience. Once you hit your puberty, your skin will start producing more sebum (oil) due to the hormonal changes & how your skin feels will change as well.


The only thing you can do to keep your skin clean & reduce this problem is to do a deep cleansing weekly anywhere between 1 to 3 times a week. There are 3 deep cleansing methods on which you can try either one or all of them (depending on your free time. However, they say in order to achieve great healthy skin, you shouldn’t be lazy!). These are actually in orders :


  1. Double cleanse

  2. Scrub

  3. Mask

Consistent deep cleansing weekly will leave your skin clean, fresh, with much more added radiance (thanks to improved blood circulation!) and not to mention less skin problems such as acne and dull skin