After years of experiences in spa services and natural skincare products, we are proud to introduced our newest spa, the ADANIA FACE SPA. With everything so modern now and assisted by technologically made machines, we often forget that the best treatments comes from the most natural form that our earth has to offer. ADANIA FACE SPA is no ordinary spa. We focus on bringing organic, floral and fauna to exclusively be indulge by your skin in enhancing beauty to a level where no man made treatments and substances can even compare. It is a revolutionary for us to start this spa as our highlight would be on giving facials which provides natural, back to basic treatments. By providing the most organic honey and caviar to using the exquisite gold dust, we ensure you that everything is all natural and safe for the delicate skin. The serums that we use are also 100% made with love by our founders, using the best of ingredients such as Rosehip Seed Oil and Palmarosa Essential Oil.
We emerge ourselves as one of locals newest natural treatment spa in hope to bring ADANIA to a stage which can be known by everyone all across the country and hopefully global as well.



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