Australian Certified Organic

About Australian Certified Organic (ACO)

If you are serious about your organic business, choose Australian Certified Organic.

Australian Certified Organic (ACO) is Australia’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce and has over 1500 operators within its certification system. ACO is a not for profit fully-owned subsidiary of Australia Organic Ltd.

ACO provides certification services to operators from all sectors of the organic industry. Certification ensures compliance with national production standards and allows trace back of all products to their origin.

ACO’s certification program and protocols are approved and accredited with the Department of Agriculture & Water Resources, the US Department of Agriculture, IOAS, Japan’s Minister for Agriculture Forestry & Fisheries, Korea’s NQAS’s and SAI Global. ACO obtains financial support by through providing certification services to clients in line with the fee schedule, which can be viewed here 2016-fee-schedule-v1-6

The Australian Certified Organic logo (known as the ‘bud’ is Australia’s organic industry’s leading logo. It carries with it the ability to market organic produce on both domestic and international markets with confidence and market advantage. The logo is well recognised both in Australia, and now in increasingly key areas such as Asia, Europe and the US. Having the largest market share means that organic certification is now becoming synonymous with certification and the bud logo – visit the markets, retailers, or even your supermarket chains such as Coles & Woolworths to see!

Our clients include certified operators in the Pacific, South East Asia and Japan, as well as in all states and territories of Australia. ACO clients, large and small, represent all sectors in the organic industry – from primary producers, processors and exporters to retailers and wholesalers.

ACO’s Top Management is committed to upholding and ensuring all certification activities are carried out with adherence to the highest standards of integrity, impartiality and objectivity. This commitment is also instilled in all of ACO’s staff which ensure they perform certification activities to these high standards.

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