Benefits of Joining ADANIA Family

ADANIA Family offers benefit for everyone to learn more about:

  • Exclusivity: You get to experience exclusive members-only access
  • Generous compensation: We want you to stay motivated throughout your journey for your hard work
  • High-profit margin: We want you to have a pleasant experience with our products by rewarding you with high profit for every purchase
  • Supportive community: We believe that teamwork makes the dream work
  • Education: We believe in educating our distributors to educate the consumers to support a health-conscious nation
  • Recognition: We believe that every recognition is crucial in building a highly motivated team
  • Birthday Rewards: Enjoy great rewards and redemption on your birthday!


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OR, our friendly master wholesalers are here to assist you if you are interested in joining ADANIA Family. Contact them via phone number, WhatsApp or e-mail to know more about the distributorship program we offer.

1) Name: Pn. Intan Suhana (Based in Melaka, Malaysia)
Phone Number: +6 012 764 6024 


2) Name: Pn. Siti Azlyn Bt Eli @ Ali (Based in KL, Malaysia)
Phone Number: +6 012 695 0170

3)Name: Pn. Umi Kelthum  ( Based in KL, Malaysia)
Phone Number: +6 019 224 0339
4)Name: Pn. Wahibah Nurdin  ( Based in KL, Malaysia)
Phone Number: +60 13 349 6810