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To all of our dearest customers, thank you for the tremendous & wonderful support for this campaign. Please be informed that this campaign is a seasonal campaign & has ended. Below is an archive on the campaign details : 


In line with our recent rebranding exercise, we have initiated an Adania & Co environmental campaign. We call it "Beleaf in yourself, Grow them with us"

Since day one, we have always been a passionate believer of the power of plants. Plants have been known to give away many benefits to humans, animals, and the surrounding ecosystem & environment. Sadly, as technology advances and rapid development becomes more pervasive, rich forests are being explored, trees are being cut and many animals’ natural habitats are being destroyed. These had led to certain types of plants and animals reducing in substantial numbers, even forcing some to near extinction. 

There are a few objectives of the "Beleaf in yourself, Grow them with us" campaign that we would like to highlight. Here are the objectives:  

The environment

A good place to live and nurture is a healthy environment. A healthy environment should comprise both humans and animals living happily together in balance. For example; forests are being explored for development. For every tree cut down for this purpose, we should plant another to balance it out. It is all about maintaining the right balance, the right energy.


Animals live in the forest. But with their natural habitat being explored and intruded, some animals had to wander outside for food and shelter. This unnatural act led to them to either be captured or killed. Unfortunately there are many examples of this. Elephants, the shy Tapirs, Sun Bears, Orangutans and a few other felidae species are rarely seen by humans. But now they are easily sighted on the highways and roads. Road kills and illegal poaching are just a few reasons for their declining number. 


Humans have inherited the earth. It is our source of sustenance. Our only source. Hence it is critical that we take good care of it. We, the people, are ultimately responsible to take care of mother nature and keep the natural ecosystem intact. Adania&Co believes that we can take an active part in creating more awareness in this. There are still many communities around the world who are dependent on natural resources, like the forest and the sea; for their livelihood. 

In Adania&Co, we believe in the natural equilibrium. A balance of animals, plants, people and the environment. And we make this as the core of our business. 

Hence, with every purchase you make until March 2021, you get to contribute towards tree planting! A percentage of your purchase shall go towards Adania & Co "Beleaf in yourself, Grow them with us" campaign.

This green campaign is an exclusive collaboration between Adania & Co with APE Malaysia and Malaysian Nature Society (MNS). We decided to collaborate with these 2 organizations as we feel we share the same vision and mission. 

Check out below on how you can contribute towards the "Beleaf in yourself, Grow them with us" green campaign :

1. Purchase any of our products with no minimum spend and a percentage of the sale will be donated to our collaborative partners towards tree planting. The trees will be planted in the forest reserve & wildlife sanctuary land;


2. spend a minimum purchase of RM250 non-promotional items from our website and you will get your name on a tree. The tree will be geo tagged, so you will be able to put the GPS coordinate on Google Map to see the exact location. On top of that, you will also receive a digital certificate for your tree (we shall email the certificate to you).


*If you wish to contribute more and have more trees planted on your name, you have the option to ‘purchase’ the tree that will be planted as described earlier. Each tree will cost RM21. All purchases have to be done through our official website (link to the exact page). As stated, the tree you purchased will be geo tagged, and you will receive a digital certificate. 



Get to know our collaborative partners for the Plant A Tree campaign

Animal Projects & Environmental Education Sdn Bhd (APE Malaysia) 

Who are they? Animal Projects & Environmental Education Sdn. Bhd. (APE Malaysia) is a social enterprise that focuses on improving wildlife welfare in captivity and in the wild through the development of volunteering projects and educational programmes. These projects are designed to support and contribute towards conservation projects in a sustainable manner. Embedded within partner conservation sites, these projects and aim to benefit the environment, wildlife, animals and community of the area through monitored and measured conservation outcomes. They currently have projects at Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre and the Corridor of Life, Lower Kinabatangan River in Sabah. APE Malaysia projects bring in participants of diverse backgrounds and
experience to achieve common outcomes.

APE has several years of experience with replanting activities. The project is within the wildlife sanctuary where pygmy elephants, sun bears and orang-utans roam. While the authorities enforce protection, we assist by restoring destroyed habitats. Much tree planting has been done by many organizations and APE has
contributed towards the reforestation of the Corridor of Life to preserve the remaining wildlife and biodiversity in these sanctuaries. Replanting plots along the Kinabatangan River have been assigned to APE by the Sabah Wildlife Department. Good survival rates and healthy growth of saplings are being
regularly documented on all five plots of land APE Malaysia is working on.


How tree planting helps the environment? Here are success indicators recorded by APE Malaysia from 2007 – 2019 :

  • First sighting of mother and baby orangutan nesting in trees planted by volunteers at tree-planting site in July 2016
  • Sightings and indirect evidences of wildlife within various planting sites such as deer, civets, macaques, hornbills, tortoise, frogs, reptiles and various birds;
  • Junior canopy generated within 3 years of care and maintenance with trees at least 3.5 metres (12 feet) tall on each reforested plot;
  • 3.5 hectares of reforested floodplain rainforest;
  • 35,000 of trees;
  • 75-85% survival rate – one of the highest in the region to see the formation of healthy junior canopies within 3 years


 Get to know them more by checking out their website at


Malaysian Nature Society (MNS)

Who are they? The genesis of our society predates the independence of Malaysia. A group of British expatriates deeply interested in our country’s lush natural heritage decided that the abundant collection of field notes and natural history records, which they had accumulated, was vital to the country’s heritage and should be published. In 1940, with the publication of the Malayan Nature Journal Volume 1, the Malaysian Nature Society was born.

Evolving from a core of society volunteers, MNS’ Kuala Lumpur-based headquarters now has a team of 40 dedicated staff members who see to the day-to-day running of the society’s administration and activities. MNS vision is for Malaysia’s natural heritage and rich biological diversity to be effectively protected, managed and conserved for the benefit and appreciation of all Malaysians.

 Get to know them more by checking out their website at


The change starts with ourselves. Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. Be the change today and saves our mother Earth. A definite guilt-free skincare shopping. Shop & save ♡



 "Nature is not a place to visit. It is home"