History of ADANIA

Our Humble Beginning

The pioneer of natural and organic skincare in Malaysia, Amaryllis Wellness was founded in 2010 and is one of Kuala Lumpur's best and fast growing Spa groups. As awareness on the importance of natural and organic product grows, our founders began to set up a spa which caters the needs of those who are concern about healthier alternatives for skin care.

Our founders started their first spa opening in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur on July 2010. Two years later, they created an all natural supplement for inner beauty called Amaryllis Premium Collagen. Now, it is rebranded as Amaryllis Essential that serves the same purpose to rejuvenate and nourish from within.

Meaningful Collaboration

ADANIA, introduced in 2014, is Amaryllis Wellness second jewel. The company is proud to introduce the genuine truth behind all natural and organic skincare to the Malaysian market. Driven by passion and fueled by the inner purpose to educate the public on skin health, ADANIA received many positive feedback from customers, local celebrities and bloggers. On May 2016, Amaryllis Wellness collaborated with Mizz Nina for AdaniaXMizzNina. Mizz Nina became the official ambassador for ADANIA and this has boosted the sales and name of the product to whole new level. However, this collaboration is not purely for marketing purpose but because Mizz Nina is the embodiment of true beauty. Not only she conducts herself beautifully on the outside, she emphasizes on inner beauty that each and women cultivate. Her principle matches with ADANIA on every level such as her ethics and values. Her representation of the company has always been positive and this is what ADANIA stands for.

ADANIA Takes A Step Further

2016 is when Amaryllis Wellness ventured into 2 largest department stores in Malaysia, which is Parkson and Metrojaya. ADANIA Face Spa was also introduced in selected department stores which provide facial treatments using our products. It is our highlight of this year as we are spreading our wings across the nation. The aim is to be at par with other international skincare out there and motivate us to innovate within the beauty industry that evolves rapidly. With this step taken, we hope to attract new and different customers to establish ADANIA as one of the trusted brand in Malaysia for all natural and organic skincare.