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This coming Raya, we want you to look your best for your families and friends!

We all know how Raya is filled with beautiful gatherings for friends and family, a time to catch up and celebrate the month of forgiveness. However, we can’t deny the fact that the constant need to be camera ready is quite daunting, and most of us would love to look our best when we reunite with family and friends (especially to those who we would want to impress!). With all the housework you need to do, you would still want to look beautiful.

Flaunt your flawless skin this Raya with Adania products, we truly believe that your skin could transform with our product as we are powered by nature, and every skin needs nourishment from the best, and purest source.Beautiful art comes from a beautiful canvas. Your skin is your canvas, to make sure makeup can glide beautifully, you need to take good care of your skin as a fundamental step


Besides feeding your mind, body, and environment with healthy nourishment, your skin needs nourishment too, our products are 100% natural and derived from organically grown plants that are gentle yet effective to deliver nourishment to your skin


Step 1: Cleanse

Use our gentle yet effective cleansers according to your skin type to purify, balance excess sebum and keep your pores healthy. Our cleansers are soothing and invigorating as well. Check out our face cleansers:


    Step 2: Tone

    Use our Face Mists (also called hydrosols/floral water), extracted from beautiful and scented flowers to penetrate and rehydrate upper layer of the skin. It helps to revive cosmetic color when sprayed after makeup to have a dewy glow all day. Check out our face Mists:


    Step 3: Moisturize

    Most important step to promote skin renewal, to moisturize and protect the skin with powerful essential oils that helps to rejuvenate the skin such as Ylang Ylang, Geranium, and Clary Sage. Massage gently onto skin to ensure the benefits are delivered.



    Face Loofah

    • This organically grown luffa plant is crucial in your skincare regime to ensure that your dead skin cells which appear as flaky, dry patches can be sloughed off gently yet effectively with our face loofah
    • Pair it with our face cleanser once a week to reveal softer and even skin complexion
    • Simply soak the loofah in warm water and rub in circular motion targeting areas which are dry and patchy
    • Check out our face loofah



    A weekly mask is important to detoxify and to reveal a more even complexion. Our clay masks help to improve blood circulation so you would get that beautiful glow thanks to our mineral enriched Australian clays:


    We understand that some skin are quite sensitive to clays so we also offer spirulina mask which can deliver great benefits to hydrate and keep the skin supple while detoxifying against impurities

    Simply scoop a teaspoon of the mask powder and approximately 3 or more teaspoon of our face mist/honey/purified water until the paste becomes runny. Then lather on your skin for 10-15 minutes until it semi-dries and rinse it off to reveal your glowing skin. You can also do this twice a week if your skin is less sensitive

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