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The pioneer of natural and organic skincare in Malaysia, Amaryllis Wellness was founded in 2010 and is one of Kuala Lumpur's best and fast growing Spa groups. As awareness on the importance of natural and organic product grows, our founders began to set up a spa which caters the needs of those who are concern about healthier alternatives for skincare.

Our founders started their first spa opening in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur on July 2010. After two years later, they created a new natural supplement for inner health and beauty. Amaryllis Premium Collagen was their first gem produced and sold to the local market. Now, it is renamed as Amaryllis Essential, a new name that suits its function as the necessary supplement for a beautiful and healthier body craving for natural nourishment.



Adania, introduced in 2014, is Amaryllis Wellness second jewel. It is the one that makes the company proud and re-known to the Malaysian market. Adania, being one of the leading natural and organic skincare, became a hit and received many positive feedbacks from customers, local artists and bloggers. On May 2016, Amaryllis Wellness collaborated with the very famous Mizz Nina for AdaniaXMizzNina. Mizz Nina became the official ambassador for Adania and this has boost the sales and name of the product to whole new level.


2016 is Amaryllis Wellness year in venturing into opening up pop up stores which sells Adania products to a wider audience. ADANIA Face Spa was also introduced at some of the stores which provide natural facial treatments. It is our highlight for this year as we are spreading our wings all across the nation. The pop up stores will be open in Parkson and Metrojaya throughout Malaysia by 2016. Focusing on reaching more customers and getting Adania to a level  as same as other natural skincare brands is our goal that we hope can be achieve in the future.