ADANIA Black Puff Make-up Blender

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No more patchy looking foundation. Just smooth and air-brush like finish

Suitable For: All Skin Types

What better way to apply your foundation or tinted sunscreen other than with a latex-free egg-shaped sponge. Now designed with a few strategically curves (more ergonomically), your foundation / tinted sunscreen will meet the hard to reach area such as around your nose.

Get smooth finish for your foundation and start using the make-up tool everyone been talking about. You may also apply ADANIA Luxe Skin Defender using ADANIA Black Puff Make-up Blender. 

Direction: Dampen ADANIA Black Puff first before you start applying your foundation / ADANIA Luxe Skin Defender with it, for a dewy complexion. Or, you may also use ADANIA Black Puff dry, according to your comfort.

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