ADANIA Luxurious Organic Face Oil (50 ml)

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The golden drops as we called it. It acts to nourish, protect & rejuvenate. This is the biggest size and has pump application

Suitable For: All skin types and ages.

What's It All About?
This special formulated plant oils works as a moisturizer and a light serum. A non-greasy formula which is fast absorbent to skin and gentle enough to use for everyone.

How Does It Works?

Apply Luxurious Organic Face Oil after spraying on our face mist (or if you don't use our face mist, apply the Luxurious Organic Face Oil after toner). The best and the correct way to use Luxurious Face Oil is to take a few drops onto the palm of your hand, rub the palms of your hands together until it feels slightly warm, and then apply and massage it all over the face and neck. No need to apply any other moisturizer once Luxurious Face Oil is applied as face oil works as a moisturizer.

What Are The Benefits?

This is how Luxurious Organic Face Oil benefits your skin :

  • Improve skin texture. Skin feels more silky smooth, soft, moist & supple.
  • Regulates your natural sebum secretion. Our skin produces natural oil to help our skin moisturized. But for oily skin, oily-greasy feels is caused by over active sebum secretion. While dry skin caused by less-not enough sebum secretion. Luxurious Organic Face Oil helps to regulates the sebum secretion back to normal.  
  • Helps brightens complexion. No more dull skin.
  • Contains antioxidant properties which helps to firm up the skin, prevent-reduce signs of wrinkles, crowfeet and fine lines.
  • Helps treats-repairs pigmentation and sun damages due to over exposure of the sun such as sunburn.
  • It helps in restoring the face tissues of the skin.
  • Help to treat-fade light acne scars
  • Apart from moisturizing the skin, Luxurious Organic Face Oil also works as a natural light sun protector so it is suitable to be use every day either on its own or before make-up application.

 Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, *Sesamun indicum(Sesame), *Olea europaea (Olive) * Fruit oil, Cocos nucifera (Coconut oil),Helianthus annuuss (Sunflower) Seed oil, Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium oil), Salvia sclarea (Clary sage), Canaga odorata (Ylang-ylang) flower oil.

Ingredients marked with " * " meanings that it is a certified organic oil

Minima usage estimation: Up to 6 months depending on amount & frequency of usage

50ml/1.69 fl oz.

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