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Black Desert Refreshing Face & Scalp Soap (65g)

RM28.00 MYR


Black Desert Refreshing Face & Scalp Soap is a soap bar type face cleanser made to repairs and treats oily skin or individuals experiencing acne

Can be use as a face cleanser and also as a shampoo!

The soap are infused with Pure Charcoal & Eucalytus! (previously known as Adania Charcoal Eucalyptus Soap 2 In 1). For the full ingredients details, check out the ingredients tab



Sodium Palmate (Palm oil), Aqua (Water), Sodium Cocoate (Coconut oil), Charcoal powder, Eucalyptus Globulus oil (Eucalyptus oil)


This product has ADANIA & Co Gold Signature Seal :  

    • Products in this range do not contain any harmful synthetic chemicals, fragrance, colourings or preservatives.
    • We use only sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly ingredients from reputable suppliers.
    • 100% pure natural, vegan & cruelty free.




  1. Purely plant based, clean and non-toxic ingredients (100% plant-based!). No artificial fragrance and no artificial preservatives
  2. Cleanses oily skin effectively by thoroughly removing dirt & excess sebum
  3. Refreshes the scalp. Great for oily scalp and hair
  4. Helps reduces dandruff problems and reducing itchy scalp as eucalyptus has anti-fungal and antiseptic properties
  5. Has refreshing and soothing eucalyptus scent
  6. Healthier skin with clean & green ingredients
  7. Charcoal is a powerful toxin absorbing ingredient and thus making oily skin and those experiencing with acne feels more comfortable 
  8. Eucalyptus is responsible for maintaining skin barrier & retaining its moisture
  9. Eucalyptus is also famous ingredient to treat acne, as it has antimicrobial properties and great at preventing infections due to acne

    How To Use

    Recommended to use twice daily. Foam up the soap with water, massage and cleanse the skin thoroughly. Then rinse off with water 


    Caution :

    Avoid getting into eyes. If it happens, rinse with water immediately & thoroughly. For external use only. Do not leave/place the product under direct sunlight-heat. Keep product at room temperature. If you are known to be allergic or unsuited to certain ingredients in the product, kindly do not use or discontinue usage 

    Black Desert Refreshing Face & Scalp Soap (65g)

    Black Desert Refreshing Face & Scalp Soap (65g)

    RM28.00 MYR