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This Ramadhan we introduce the extended family of ADANIA, This brand was created exclusively to those who love living a healthy lifestyle.
Under this brand, we will produce more on hearty meals, eco-friendly & sustainability homeware and lifestyle products.
We believe this brand will give more positive impact to everyone apart from just using natural skincare.
Together we make a better world.

Our first product is HELLO STAMINA. This premium granola provides energy booster to our body. Using double baked process, your granola experience will never be the same! 
They are packed with goodness vitamins and fiber to help your body become healthier.

Here are some points about our premium granola :
  •         No added sugar
  •         100% natural
  •         Gluten Free
  •         Using Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
  •         Double baked for extra crispiness
  •         No added preservatives

Ingredients :
Rolled Oats,Organic Virgin Coconut Oil,Honey,Almond Flakes,Pumpkin Seeds,Dried Figs,Raisins & Himalayan Pink Salt

Weight : 250 gram

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