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Need a special munch to benefits your skin? Then try out Sexy Skin! Granola, brought to you by is a another label under ADANIA, which brings you a series of healthy living items-lifestyle. 

Sexy Skin! Granola is packed with healthy natural and organic goodness and is made to give your skin a boost of glow and rejuvenation! You can munch on anytime. Make it as a breakfast or as a snack. There is no limit as to when you should eat it, because after all, it's all natural food. Just a granola, but with a pinch of excitement!

The granolas and the dried fruits contains in Sexy Skin! is also known to help you improve your bowel movement.

What makes our granola extraordinary?
• No added sugar
• 100% natural
• Organic ingredients
• Gluten free
• Double baked for optimum crispiness
• No added preservatives

Weight : 250 gram

Price : RM25 

Ingredients : Rolled oats, organic virgin coconut oil, honey, almond flakes, sunflower seeds, goji berries, walnuts, Himalayan pink salt

Serving suggestions : Eat up with soy milk, milk or yogurt. You may also add up fresh fruits. 

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