Red Velvet Powder Clay Travel Size (45g)

RM24.50 MYR RM35.00 MYR

Suitable For: All skin types (highly recommended for those with dry skin)

Sounds as yummy as its name, but please hold yourself from eating them. Detox and relax your skin after long tiring day. Your deadcells literally get vacuumed out by clay! Definitely cleanses out your pores for a more cleaner,brighter and refined pores. Leaves your skin super glowy too!.

Ingredients: 100% pure Australian red clay

Direction: Add purified water with half tea spoon clay powder and mix into a paste. Apply the paste to the face until it is half dry. Then rinse off with warm water. If the stain is still there, apply ADANIA Organic Cleansing Oil and wash with ADANIAFace Cleanser or soap.

Caution: For external use only, please avoid contact with eyes. Stain easily on clothes.



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